Thursday, July 21, 2016

May death never stop you

Something almost gave me a heart attack this morning, just after I did my morning prayers and was getting ready to go back to sleep. I survived, fortunately, so I could weep and drown in my tears while watching this teaser.

After more than a year since their last tweet, they posted this: a short video of a flag with some kind of a symbol on it, waving in the air, with the piano intro of "Welcome to the Black Parade". No caption.

As a kid who has never gotten over her "emo phase", who's been a fanatic of MCR since 2006, I can only say this:


It's been a veeeery long time since the last time I wrote about my music preference. For those of you who don't know, My Chemical Romance holds a major part in my life. The first time I heard about them was around 2004-2005 on a mixed CD that my dad bought. The first song I know is "I'm Not Okay", which is a piece I still listen to nowadays. Going through adolescence, they kept me company, especially after they released "The Black Parade" album.

For me, MCR has helped me in many ways. They helped me make friends, online and offline. I remember how back in junior high I befriended some people just because they happened to like MCR too, and then we would hang out, talking about music, and going to concerts. I remember how I got to know lots of people through the Internet just because I found out that they were also an MCRmy (or sometimes they were the ones who found out about me). I remember how I got close with my clique in high school because they liked the bands that I liked, including MCR. I remember how I ended up dating a boy in that clique, haha. I also remember he gave me a "Danger Days" CD as a gift (don't worry I still have it, keeping it safe and sound).

MCR made me love music. In some way, they encouraged me to form a band with my friends, and we'd play MCR's songs during practice. Even though our band disbanded, we're still friends until today.

My Chemical Romance is an important part of my life not only because their musically amazing. It's also because they've helped me going through the prime time of my social life, given that I am a very introverted, socially awkward kid who was not (and still not) good at making friends.

That's why when they broke up in 2013, I felt like something was dying inside of me, as if a dear friend of mine has passed away. I'm not even exaggerating.

I don't know what will happen in September 23. Some people on the Internet said that it won't be a reunion. I guess Iwejust have to wait. At least it's a sign that MCR is not really dead after all.

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