Saturday, May 14, 2016

These words are knives that often leave scars

So let's talk about love.

Such idea, so abstract.
Love... a four-letter word.

What does it mean anyway? You hear it everyday: people saying it, in the movies, in the songs you like, or maybe you yourself abuse it everyday by saying it a lot.

What does it mean exactly, to love? Loving, being loved.
That food critic in that Disney/Pixar movie "Ratatouille" said, "I don't like food  — I love it. If I don't love it, I don't swallow".

But food can't love you back, can it? People can... or so they said.

Case study:

Person X. 
X has been in a relationship with Y for years. X is quite nice sometimes: joking around, buying Y nice food and nice clothes, and other things that are to be expected for people who are in a very long-term relationship. Secretively, X has been saying many, many awful things to Y: name callings, anger outburst, and other things that are not to be expected in most populations in the world. X has never really do those things in front of people other than Y, that's why I said "secretively". X is frequently irritated at Y, even though Y wasn't exactly doing something wrong. X's ego, X's pride. X never really bothered to ask about Y's day, how's Y been feeling, if Y is tired, or exhausted, or even to ask Y's opinions about things that should be decided by both of them.

Person Y.
Y is a nice person: Y gets everything done fast, Y does all the houseworks, in conclusion, Y is a very caring person to X and to everyone around Y. Y caters to every X's needs, you can say that Y is (almost) seems to be under X's thumb. Y hates when X is mad at Y, especially those name callings, and those times when Y is feeling dismissed by X, as if Y doesn't matter.

Yet, they're still together. It almost seems like they're putting up an act everytime there are other people around. Yet, Y claimed that Y is happy. So in short, the relationship doesn't look like it's gonna end any time soon.

Question time:

If it looks like X hates Y so much, why does X stay? If it looks like Y is being pushed around by X, why does Y stay?

Is this what you — what they call "love"?
What does it mean exactly, to love? Loving, being loved?

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