Sunday, October 4, 2015

Free-time rants: Men and broomsticks

Most of the time, it's only me and my brother in the house so my parents entrusted me with the chores. But there were few times that I had to go too. So I left and my brother was home all day, but I forgot to cook the rice before I leave because I was in a rush. When my parents got home from work, obviously there was no cooked rice so my mom had to cook it. My bro made instant noodle instead of cooking the rice (a-hole). Later at night when I got home, my mom was furious because I didn't cook the rice. So I asked her, "bro was here all day, why didn't you ask him?" and her answer was "you're a woman, it's your responsibility to take care of the house". This happened more than once (but not so often tho).

So does that mean that my brother isn't responsible for the house which HE ALSO LIVES IN, just because he has a sister? What if I'm not around anymore because I, let's say, died?

So basically what I've been choked on in my entire life is the idea that men's role is only to keep the food on the table and it's okay for them to not do the chores (but hey, who cooked all those food again?). The worst part is that it's not only the characteristic of men itself, but it's supported by some women, which in this case is my mom.

I'm not here to generalize because I also found some guys who has the initiative to do the chores. But it's undeniable that the sick stereotype is still exists, because I found similar cases in my girl friends' households.

And yet people keep promoting "gender equality", where women should be strong, smart, and independent. Sure, today women can achieve high education, but I'm pretty sure that R. A. Kartini would appreciate if her husband did not leave dirty dishes all around while he was busy doing his governmental works (I mean, how long would it take to put your dishes into the sink/dishwasher? Less than a minute, I bet).

I don't mean that women (or myself in particular) are too lazy to do all that stuff. My point is the opposite: there are still lots of men who are too lazy to do all that stuff because they are accustomed to the idea I stated above. They also live in the house, so logically they share the same responsibility to take care of it.

Well that's pretty much it. Been holding it in for a long, long time.

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