Saturday, October 17, 2015

Emotional stuff

I just realized that I've been writing in blogs for 8 years :O
Man, I've never been so committed in my entire life... wkwkwk. The first blog I ever made was in my Friendster profile, you know Friendster had this feature. The first post I've ever written was about a spat between my close friends at that time (but one of them died in 2009, may he rest in peace...). After a while I moved to Blogspot and made "La vie est belle" , that's where I taught myself some coding, all that HTML crap... and then moved again to this blog in 2010 I think... I changed its name multiple times and changed its contents twice but the one I'm having now, this very blog "transatlanticism", I think it's gonna be the most permanent one ever.

Sooooo what I'm gonna talk about now... nothing. See ya!

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